Saturday, 10 October 2015

Picture This #323 ~ People

Many thanks to Heidi for hosting this week. Great theme, I do like people shots. The only pity is that Belita is away on vacation at the moment, she does great candid people shots!!! I haven't done any people shots (apart from a few selfies) for several years, so mine will be from my archive. You probably remember most of them, I've posted them all before!!

1) Old Stogie. My all-time favourite 'people' shot.
Old Stogie

2) Gossiping Grannies!!
Granny On Tour B&W

3) Good Company.
Good Company B&W1

4) No Worries.
No Worries B&W

5) ....and, of course....yours truly!!
Self Portrait


  1. Oh dear, now why does photo 1 and photo 2 give me and Mr. Swiss a been there done that sort of feeling? The good ompany could also be us, a very good shot and I like the study of the person on the bench. Your selfie sort of reminds me of the Multiply days when we were all young and lovely.

  2. hi Mitch wonderful people shots

  3. My favorite is the grannies. Wonder what they are talking about. The shot of you has a very cool effect. I just love it.