Saturday, 24 October 2015

Picture This #325 ~ Autumn

Tabby is honoured to be the banner photo this week and sends her best meows

This time, thanks to Mitch, I had to go out on a photo safari as my Autumn photos were mainly last years and the years before.

Here is one of the last Hollyhocks in my garden. Their actual colour would be yellow, but always in Autumn they tend to go red.


My hostas are now almost finished for this year, but I leave it until the really cold damp weather arrives. Makes it easier to pull out the leaves. Not quite ready yet, but in a few weeks.

I came across these mushrooms on a walk.

And a view across the meadow just around the corner. The cows are still out. We have not had such cold weather up to now and the autumn colours are only just beginning to show.


  1. hi Pat still in SF,CA so didn't see our leaves yet--your shots are so lovely
    your tabby is the star for the week cool

  2. Wonderful pictures, Pat. Love the delicate hollyhocks with the sun behind the petals. Great pastoral scene on the bottom. The mushrooms are nice and the hostas have a spoooky beauty to them.

  3. Beautiful flower

    Great shot of beauty in decrepitude

    Lovely shrooms

    and wonderful pastoral scene

  4. Hi Pat!! Lovely shots for the theme. Nice colour of the hollyhock. Those hostas certainly have the 'autumn droop'!! Wonderful patch of mushrooms. Love the mixture of colours in the trees in the final shot.