Monday, 5 October 2015

PT CCCXXII ~ Reflections

Beautiful banner by Belita and theme by Mitch

The USS Wasp heading north in the Öresund after a NATO excercise near Copenhagen.
 photo Ship_in_sunset.jpg

Taken with my cellcam one winterevening
 photo DSC00004.jpg

A piece of art that stands in the eastern part of the Sofiero Castle Garden
 photo Reflections.jpg


  1. Lovely pictures, Anders. The most intriguing is the polished edge of the sculpture of Sofiero Castle. I love how most of it is rough but the ends are smooth and reflective. Great shot.

  2. Hi Anders!! Great shots for this week's theme. Lovely reflection of the sunburst in the first shot. Nice reflection of the sky colours in the second photo. Cool reflective ends of that piece of art.

  3. Three very good shots for the theme