Sunday, 11 October 2015

Picture This #323 ~ People

Great theme and magnificent banner photo!! Your dad would be so proud, Pat. Just one picture from me this week, I am a bit busier than I would like to be. But I always enjoy participating.

Two Amish women

Two Amish women at the beach, looking at their shells.


  1. these two are wonderful and thanks for showing them to us

  2. That is a real photo of the moment - love it

  3. Hi Benni !! Glad to managed to get something posted. The beach is not near the top of a list of places I'd expect to see Amish!! Where was this?

    1. This is Florida. The Amish hire buses to take them on vacation trips. They go to the beach and I even saw a younger woman swimming, in her dress like this. The day I saw them the men bathed separately from the women and younger children. Surprised me too.