Saturday, 31 October 2015

PT CCCXXVI - Still Life With A Difference

Wonderful and delightful banner by Heidi and terrific theme by Pat.

All three images was taken at the one and the same visit to Fredriksdal Open Air Museum.

Outside the classic merchant shop in the cobblestoned street which lies in the Old Town part of the OAM.
 photo 1_zps4hp1ms6v.jpg

Very peculiar bee-hives
 photo 3_zpsgzihs1je.jpg

A truly impressive pile of firewood that simply had to photographed.
 photo 2_zpszzh7yftg.jpg


  1. Hi Anders!! Very cool shots for this week's theme. This museum looks to be a very interesting place!! Nice display of baskets in the first photo. Most unusual bee-hives....never seen any like that before!! I was going to say that the pile of wood in the final shot would make an impressive bonfire....but then I realised there isn't really enough room between the logs of air to circulate. Would probably take a long time to get going!!

    1. Thanks, Mitch. Indeed it is - I've been there on two occasions in '09. Got very good series from both times.

  2. Hi Anders! Great to see your pictures. The top has many interesting baskets nicely shown off. Love the different types of woods in your second. Are those really bee hives? They look great. And you are right, that is an impressive pile of firewood, unusual in how it is stacked.

  3. Some very interesting photos from the museum. Wood certainly plays an important part in the Swedish environment. some very good handcraft shown on the photos.

  4. Hi Anders! From the three great shots I can easily figure out how interesting that Open Air Museum must be...