Saturday, 31 October 2015

Picture This #326 ~ Still Life With A Difference

Many thanks to Pat for hosting this week. Good theme, with lots of possibilities!! Had to get my thinking cap on for this one!!

Here are mine:

1) Man Vs Nature. An all-too-common sight unfortunately.
Man Was Here

2)  A healthy still-life.
Salad 1

3)  Beads and stones.
Necklaces 1

4)  African mask with dragon pendant.
African Masque


  1. Hi Mitch! Love the set of your shots for the theme of this week. The top image as a photo is my favourite, yet disgusting as a reality...

  2. Indeed - man's abuse on nature

    Yummy deserts, beautiful beads and wondrous mask

  3. Hi Mitch! Yes, I am doing better, bit by bit. Great interpretations of Pat's theme. I do so hate to see other people's trash left carelessly. But I love the salad picture, crispy and juicy. The beads are beautiful, I like how the black beads on the left sets the rest off. And finally your wonderful African mask, very interesting, maybe a little scary even.

  4. Trash is international I think, but a good shot. Love the salad, makes me feel hungray. I like the bead contrasts very much and the mask is just right for halloween.