Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Picture This #263 ~ Boats

Row Your Boat

Life is but a dream, while rowing down the stream.
Better to flow along in life's mystery.
Some call it Destiny
The present is a gift, if you catch my drift.
Watch your flanks, as life and death are your banks.
Cause your reserves are vested in your life preserve's.

  Inspired by Vandana Sharma


Being high and dry now a days, I used some of my photos from my files.
frozen boat_1





  1. Hi Randall!! Cool shots for this week's theme. Love that first shot......a classic case of 'going nowhere fast' !!! LOL. The lone fisherman in the second shot is terrific. Great silver sheen on the water in the third shot. Nice collection of sailboats in the final shot.

  2. I had to use the second one, even though it was taken by my wife of me out on the lake. Hey I had something to do with that picture. "LOL"

  3. The little fishingboat that could.

    Peace and quiet

    "D'ya thank tha' we'll get any big uns this time."

    wonderful regatta of sailboats.

  4. lol, your first boat is in a chilling scene! But what a lovely scene it is! I love this!

    Beautiful shot of the guy fishing in peace and serenity...what an experience that must be! I've never been fishing alone before.

    Nice shot of the sparkling water and shoreline...beautiful composition,

    The last one is my favorite in this set. Just gorgeous!

  5. The boat in the snow is great! But I bet it is not too good for the boat to be frozen in. I envy you the peace of your lake scene with the mountains. Wonderful pictures all.

  6. Great photos, as always.... there is not a single one that is my favourite...they all are!!!

  7. Some great photos there, I love the last one.