Thursday, 7 August 2014

Picture This #262 ~ Pot Luck

Oh I figured I best be getting on with this post. Pot Luck. Here are a few shots that I have taken in the past few weeks while I was on Vacation. RAP_3807

My time was spent on the beaches of Lincoln city Oregon. I was a really fun and relaxing place to spend time with nice cool weather. Not in the triple digits like here in Moses Lake.

Always an adventure getting out and seeing what I can. Found some seals on a beach near by. Will add them to complete this post.



  1. Great shot for the banner too Baz.

  2. Hi Randall!! Better late than never!! LOL. Awesome scenery in the first shot. Would love to jump in that canoe in the second shot and go for a paddle!! Wonderful shots of the seals.....looks like they're indulging in a spot of sand-surfing!!

  3. Hi, Randall, terrific shots. Very nice beach and seals. The top picture is majestic. The one with the canoe fascinates me for reasons I cannot say. It captures my attention and doesn't let go.

  4. Looks like a nice vacation spot, Randall. I love the beach scene and the capture of the gulls in flight along the right side of the photo.

    Nice shot of the canoe on the beach. Is that big rock volcanic? I love the tall grasses and the way the inside of the canoe reflects the blue of the water.

    Cool shots of the seals! Love it!

  5. love them all Randall especially the canoe one

  6. Impressive coastline

    Abandoned to its fate

    "Hey fellas - aint this the life - just lazing about without a care in the world.