Saturday, 9 August 2014

Picture This #263 ~ Boats

I'm very pleased and honored to have my picture as the banner. Thank you for your kind words.

Boats are a favorite subject for me in when I go to my winter digs in Florida.  A couple of these I may have posted before.

Yellow boat
Gathering for the regatta.

A ketch, heading home.

Boat with pelican and diamonds.

Police boat
There are strict speed limits to protect manatees and dolphins. This is my husband's dream job - manning a police boat.


  1. wonderful wonderful I to love boats and water
    your banner is wonderful

  2. Hi Benni !! A fabulous selection of shots for this week's theme. The first two shots are really nice, I particularly like the ketch. It's the third shot that stands out, all the elements.......boat, pelican, sparkling water......combine to make a really beautiful scene. Cool final shot....for some reason the theme tune for Miami Vice came to mind!!! LOL.

  3. Beautiful yellow sailingboat on the turquoise waters.

    Terrific ship.

    Off to new adventures on that far horizon

    Cool boat

  4. Beautiful shots, Benni! The third one from the top is particularly beautiful...

  5. Fantastic banner shot, Benni!

    Beautiful boats, too! The third one is my favorite. It is so beautiful. The water is sparkling like diamonds!