Friday, 22 August 2014

Picture This #265 ~ Strange

Hello everyone, Mrs. Angloswiss calling from sunny Switzerland. I am early, but I never have time on Saturday morning for posting things, so I am doing it a little early on Friday.  My turn this week and I decided on a title that you can all interpret in your own way, just to make life spicy for us all. We often take photos of strange things with the camera, it makes the life of a photographer more interesting.

Here is my first strange object - a view of chairs as I was sitting in the restaurant of the local supermarket

Chairs in a restaurnt

This little sphinx cat often visits us in the garden. Today we found him sleeping on one of our chairs on the porch. He is still a little timid and disappears when we arrive, but seems to be getting more friendly. He belongs to a neighbour.
Meet the sphinx

It's summer and the flies are everywhere. I cannot even work with the computer without an interruption from a fly.
Fly on the mouse2

And here is an extra. What you see when you lay on your back on the bed and look towards an open door leading to the corridor.
Room view


  1. Great theme, Pat! Maybe hard trying to come up with three but I'll give it my best shot. I love the shot of the chairs shining like gold.

    Wow! I've never seen a hairless cat before! I hope his owners have sweater for him in the winter. Have you ever seen it outside in the cold?

    Flies are always a nuisance in the summer...but I love photographing them! Hey, you have the same mouse as Leon!

    The thing with the door...I loved doing that as a child! Nice shots, all three!

    1. I always wanted a sphinx cat, although they are not easy to take care of. They do have very fine hairs on their skin, but no fur and so they smell a bit now and again and you have to give them a weekly bath. I never understood the owner letting him run free like that. They are valued at about 1,000 Swiss francs each. He only appeared this summer, so I do not know if he will be out in Winter, but our normal cats do not go out so often in Winter.

  2. Hi Pat!! Many thanks for hosting this week. I like the theme, should bring out some great odd sights!! I really like the one of the chairs, it's like a metal and plastic abstract. Those Sphinx cats are really strange-looking. I still say it looks like it needs ironing!! LOL. Good one of the fly on the mouse. Lots of lines and angles in that last shot.

  3. Hi Pat wonderful theme and love all your pictures will be back

  4. Great pictures, Pat. That's an interesting kitty, for sure. I wonder if it ever gets sunburned. When we brought our (late) cat to Florida she got a mild sunburn on her ear tips, so we kept her in after that.