Saturday, 30 August 2014

Picture This #266 ~ Water

Thanks for hosting Baz, although the water in Switzerland is confined to rivers and embankment dams. If it rains it pours.

I have a Hosta plantation in one of my gardens, and here is a rain drop on a leaf.
Water drops on Hosta leaf

Stormy weather over the town of Solothurn on the River Aar
Stormy weather over Solothurn

Tabby, the gourmet cat. She prefers to lick the water from her paw
Tabby testing the water


  1. Pat, three wonderful pictures, the first is my favorite. I love how you've captured the water beading on the surface of the leaf. Nice broody picture of the Aar. Tabby is precious, my cats have done that too, but not very often.

  2. Hi Pat!! Great shots for this week's theme. Beautifully captured water-drops on the Hosta leaf. I really like the dramatic sky above the River Aar. Tabby's use of paw to drink water reminds me of a cat that used to be on a cat-food commercial on TV in the UK many many years ago, where it would use it's paw to get the food out of the tin. Can't remember the cat's name now.

    1. You mean I could make money out of Tabby. TABBY come here, I have a job for you......

  3. hi pat, I'm back home and back to visit your site. love tha pics and my fav is the third one

  4. Hi Pat three great takes on the theme as usual I love the last one ;)

  5. Wonderful capture of the huge drop on the leaf.



  6. Pretty shot of the raindrops on the hosta plant. I guess you have quite a few hosta plants on your hosta plantation. I wouldn't mind having one of those. They make lovely border plants. You could sell them.

    "The River Aar" I just love the sound of that! Beautiful shot!

    My favorite is Tabby, of course. She's our star kitty, here!