Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Picture This #264 ~ Summer

Hi all, I'm late posting because Marci and I have been on vacation around the south of England

We spent a few days at Corfe in Dorset and then we went to London and I showed Marci my home town. 

Finally we went to the Isle of Wight where Marci was running a Half Marathon at Ryde which turned out to be the toughest one she had ever run!!

I added a bonus shot at the end I am sure Mitch will forgive me LOL ;)

Here are a few "Summer" shots from out travels:

Summer in the Country: Corfe Castle, Dorset, England
P8105649 copy

Summer on the Coast: Old Harry Rock from Durlston Head, Dorset, England


Summer in the City: London England
P8136001 copy

P8135988 copy  

Bonus shot: Reflections of Summer, The Shard, London.


  1. Hi Baz!! Wasn't sure if you'd post anything this week. Great shots all!! Awesome shot of Corfe Castle, but who's that strange woman goofing around to the right?? LOL. Great shot of the Dorset coastline. Two lovely shots of Marci enjoying her time in London. That reflection shot of The Shard is fabulous!!

  2. Good to see you two having fun. Like the shots as well.

    1. Thank you Randall we had a great time .

  3. Looks like you had a fabulous time! And wonderful pictures. Marci is so pretty and England looks wonderful.

  4. Lovely photos and I am sure that everything went too quickly.

  5. Thank Pat yes it did go fast ;)

  6. Hey Baz, nice shots! Love that first one with Marci ( who looks like she's laughing and having a great time) with the castle in the background. What a grand setting! You should buy her a medieval dress and take a picture of her there.

    Gorgeous coastline. Old Harry, heh? There must be a story behind that!

    Love the shot of Marci in front of the London Eye and I LOVE those sunglasses she's wearing!

    Beautiful shot of Marci. Love her dress and that lovely romantic background and the mailbox that looks like the same shade as Marci's dress. Vibrant orange. A lovely comparison, there.

    Cool shot of the reflection of The Shard.

  7. sorry about the delayed cmt.

    Delightful shots of your wife

    and very cool shot of the shard.