Saturday, 16 August 2014

Picture This #264 ~ Summer

Summertime, when the living is easy. Nice theme, Mitch. Wonderful banner, also, of the little boat of Belita's that I fell in love with.

Lake Michigan, horizon obscured.

Yellow weeds
Some sort of daisy type weeds.

My hammock

Blue bottles
Blue bottles



  1. Hi Benni !! Super shots for this weeks theme. Haha.......not a shot of Florida in sight, methinks you were fooling me!!! LOL. Nice shot of Lake Michigan, looks very peaceful, and not another person in sight. Love the flowers in the second shot. They may be 'weeds', but they are still lovely. Wonderful rainbow colours of your hammock. A great place to chill out and relax, with a book and a cold drink. I really like that shade of blue in the bottles. The sunflowers seem a little shy, they're hiding their faces.

  2. Interesting and lovely photo. Lake Michigan show the distance ti infinity in the shot. they might be weeds but I would gladly have them in my garden. A relaxing hammock in Summer, hope it is safe t lye in. Nice perspective on the bottles and sunflowers are a thankful subject although a couple did not seem to want their picture taken.

  3. Utterly lovely irridescent grass and beautiful lightblue sky.

    Exquisitely sweet flowers

    For lazy days in the shade

    Beautiful blue glassware.

    Van Gogh would be thrilled.

  4. Hi Benni! Thanks for your kind words. Your 'lover' reciprocates your sentiment and shows up again, thanks to Mitch, LOL!
    I like all the shots very much. Beautiful 'lakescape' in the first. Pretty flowers in the second and so are the sunflowers... Love the composition of the glassware... that blue is wonderful. Nice invitation for taking a siesta on that the colours, the light and the shadows...

  5. Stunning all wonderful takes on the theme I really like them all ;)

  6. I love that first shot of Lake Michigan, Benni. You can't tell where sky meets water.

    Nice shot of the wildflowers. I enjoy looking for wildflowers in the woods more than shooting the exquisite flowers at the local botanic garden.

    The hammock is pretty! Looks like a good place to read and relax.

    Gorgeous blue bottles in the window. (my fav of this set) I used to collect green ones. (and green glassware, besides)

    Pretty bouquet of sunflowers!