Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Picture This #264 ~ Summer

 This has been a hot one here in central Washington this year. We have had a lot of days over 100 degrees F. One of the big things has been all the forest fires burning in the state. This shot is of a controlled burn but thought it would fit for this weeks theme of summer.

Now cooling off a bit. As in this shot of a cow soaking the legs and cooling the body. She stayed right here for a long time. The only thing moving was her tail.

Down the road a ways, the onions are ready for harvest. Thousands of them laying on the ground waiting for the collection day.

The waters edge still holding promise for these birds.
birds of summer

I hope your summer has been fun too. For those on the flip side of this earth, I hope with the coming of the dog days of summer you too find yourself living the dream.


  1. Hi Randall !! Great shots for the summer theme. Dramatic shot of the 'controlled burn'. That cow looks really contented with it's dip. Great shot of the onions. That's got me thinking about a cheese & onion sandwich now!! LOL. Love the shot of the long-legged wading birds. Cats? Well they just love to sleep in the warmth of summer.

  2. Yes, In this case the cat not the dog overcome by heat. Nap time!

  3. Fabulous captures Randall I especially like the Avocetts in the water ;)

  4. They are cool with their long legs. I liked the reflection from the far one. Thanks

  5. Fabulous pictures. The smoke from the burn is very interesting and even scary. Love the cow wanting to be a duck. Nice picture of onions; ours have been rotting in a cool and rainy summer. The birds (and reflections) are perfect and sweet cat in the sun.

  6. Photos really something completely different.A cow having a cool down paddle in the river, the fresh onions sprouting out of the ground and the grand finale of the cat in nirvana.

  7. Living the dream...I like that! Nice shots, Randall!

    I lived in a little cattle farming community before moving to NYC, so the slash and burn of the hay fields was a regular occurrence in August. I hated the acrid smell but love, love, love to see those bales of hay! Nice shot of the fields and the burn.

    Smart cow...another familiar sight! I love the ducks that are bottoms up!

    I LOVE ONIONS! Nice shot!

    The bird shot is my favorite.They looks so dainty on this long, spindly legs!

    pretty cat sunning!

  8. Sorry about the delayed cmt.

    Wonderful shot of the geiser and the buffalo and the cat. Beautiful capture of the tulips. Wonderful birds