Sunday, 17 August 2014

PT CCLXIV ~ Summer

Beautiful banner by Belita.

From the garden of the Castle Vram's Gunnarstorp.
 photo 1_zps25735a49.jpg

From Knähaken beach in the southern part of my hometown, Helsingborg
 photo 3_zps97231f32.jpg

The southern entrance to my bike route to and from town.
 photo 2_zpsb4993916.jpg


  1. Hi Anders!! Good shots for this week's theme. The castle gardens are beautiful, reminds me of a place not too far from where I live. I really like the perspective in the second shot, like you could walk down the steps and straight out to sea!! Wonderful woodland in the third shot, that's the kind of route I like to walk.

  2. Hi Anders! How beautiful shots those are!

  3. You have a lovely bike route, good shot of the steps to the sea, beautiful garden

  4. Wonderful pastels in the first one, Anders. Lovely beach and a truly beautiful path.

  5. Wonderful summer takes for the theme Anders ;)

  6. Lovely photos, Anders! What a pretty sunlit garden!

    The pier looks like a lovely place to sit and contemplate. My best friend and I used to take my guitar and sit out on the dock at a local lake at night. I'd play and we'd both sing John Denver songs. (and watch the stars).

    You have a beautiful forest for a bike route! I love it! Do you ride your bike often to and from town? There are people here who ride their bikes to work...from Brooklyn to Manhattan....not as nice as your forest route.

    1. Thanks Debby and sorry about my extremely late reply. At times in summer but usually I go by bus or with mum.