Saturday, 16 August 2014

Picture This #264 ~ Summer!!

Hi everyone, this is Mitch, I'll be your host this week. We may be a bit short of numbers this week. Baz has Marci over visiting, so is otherwise occupied, Nico is in France seeing the sights, and Belita leaves on Monday for a three week vacation, so may not have time to post before she goes. Hopefully everyone else will make up the numbers. As summer is in full swing here in the Northern Hemisphere, an easy theme this week: SUMMER!! Show me photos of what summer means to you!! This week only, up to 5 photos per person!!

1) The colours of summer.
Gaillardia Multitude 1

2) Playing in the sea
Surf Glow

3) Sitting on the beach
Beside The Seaside

4) Summer Hummers
Hoverfly Handstand

5) Eating ice-cream
Rum & Raisin


  1. wonderful theme Mitch and wonderful banner will be back with mine

  2. I had to laugh when I saw the first photo and congratulate on the succes of the gallardia. Mine was digested by 200 slugs. I think they brought the salt an pepper as well, and they are so thankful subjects for a super photo.Love the bee, he looks suspecnded over the flower and the beach photos bring back happy memories of the sea-side.

    1. Thanks Pat :-)) I can't take credit for growing the Gaillardia, I photographed them at a local gardens.

  3. Hi Mitch! Excellent variety of photos for the theme of your good choice of theme.... The third one is a great photo in many ways. I really love it.....

  4. Great pictures, Mitch, and a great theme. I especially like the Gaillardia and the sea gull's view of the beach goers.

  5. Utterly lovely burst of brilliant colours.

    "Yippie! I found mum's contactlens!"

    "Fellas, did you hear that George had been caught stealing knickers from a lingerie-shop - AGAIN! That guy's incorrigable."

    "Mmh - good stuff!"

    "Sometimes I jest sits and thinks and sometimes I jest sits."

    1. Whether you're thinking or not, best to eat the ice-cream before it melts :-))

  6. Wonderful quirky captures of Summer Mate I love them all a great theme ;)

  7. Fantastic photos, Mitch! I love the flowers! My favorite photography subject.

    The beach scene is wonderful! You captured the surfers and the sparkling water perfectly. This one is my favorite of the 5.

    Love the downwards shot of the old folks at the beach. looks like they might be minding the grand children.

    Cool shot of the bee on the Hoverfly Handstand!

    Nothing says summer as well as an ice cream cone! Nice shot!