Saturday, 9 August 2014

Picture This #263 ~ Boats

Many thanks to HEIDI for hosting this week's challenge. A really nice theme, and one most folks should have photos for!! Let's see your boats, ships, yachts, etc!!

Here are mine:

1) Ferry at local port five miles from where I live, leaving for Ireland.
Leaving For Ireland

2) Goin' fishin'. Brownsea Island, Dorset, England.
On The Water

3) Isn't the water supposed to be OUTSIDE the boat?? LOL
Boat With Built-In Lake

4) Evening sailing, Cleddau River, Wales.
Evening Sailing 2


  1. Hi Mitch! I like the variety of your choices. All are awesome shots, as always. The top one is my the reflections of the clouds, while the whole scene inspires tranquillity...

  2. Hi Mitch wow all great
    I love the inside out boat lol
    as you can tell I love bats water etc.

  3. Impressive ship

    Off to new adventures on that far horizon.

    Perhaps its a bathtub boat

    Beautiful and serene

    1. A bathtub made out of a boat would certainly be different!! LOL.

  4. Wales is certainly a country for boats. I did not know that there was a ferry to Ireland. You have a great choice with your boat pictures.

    1. Thanks Pat :-)) There are two ferry services to Ireland from Wales. one here in the south, at Pembroke Dock, and one in the north at Holyhead.

  5. Such lovely pictures, such nice boats. I like the ferry with the white and blue of the clouds and sky. The name of the boat from Dorset seems to be "Ow Much"; charming. Curious old boat with water in it and very colorful sails on the bottom.

    1. Thanks Benni :-)) Yes, that boat's name is 'Ow Much'. Although I think there should be a question-mark after it.

  6. Great shots, Mitch! I love the clouds reflected in the water in that first shot.

    Funny name for the fishing boat in your second pic.

    The third is very interesting with another great capture of reflections.

    The last one is my favorite. The colorful sails really stand out!