Saturday, 2 August 2014


Hi all, I hope your weekend has started well?

Thanks to Benni for this weeks theme.

It's an exciting week for me coming up, Marci will be arriving at Heathrow early Friday morning for our first vacation in quite a while. Its going to be great fun, we are going to London for a long weekend and Marci is competing in a half marathon on the Isle of Wight and doing a Sprint Triathlon at Swanage!!

So for this weeks theme "Pot Luck" I have chosen my favourite "Portraits" from our trips over the last 5 years.

Have a great weekend ;)

Selfie: Paradise village, Michigan UP, our first real vacation.
P4061023 (2) copy

Selfie: Paradise village, Michigan UP, so many wonderful memories.
P4050914 copy

The Smoky Mountains, Tennessee. (Not strictly a selfi, I set the camera up and positioned it and Liam clicked the shutter LOL ).
Z0133389 copy

Selfie: The Jurassic Heritage Coast, Dorset, England. A World Heritage Site.

P4070003 copy


  1. love all of them
    have fun lol when Marci comes

  2. Wonderful quartet of shots of a charming couple.

  3. Hi Baz !! I bet you can't wait for Marci to arrive. It's been quite a while since you last saw her. Lovely shots of the two of you. My fave is actually the one that Liam took. It's just a natural-looking pose, despite you doing your Van Morrison impression. LOL.

    1. LOL Thanks Mitch, Mr Morisson copied me, I have been wearing a Fedora on and off since I was 20 LOL ;)

  4. Fabulous portraits, Baz, all of them. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the one in Tennessee. You both look so relaxed and you fit right in with the trees and rocks. Have a marvelous time on your holiday!! Also, a perfect banner picture of the tomatoes. Congrats!

  5. Beautiful selfies, and I love them all. I think my favorite is the woodsy one. We're all counting down the days with you, Baz! I know you're both very excited, and we're excited for you!

  6. hey Baz! I forgot to tell you that I love your banner shot of the tomatoes. Wish I had those on a sandwich right now, along with some bacon and lettuce. : ) yum!

  7. Four beautiful shots of a smiling pair....

  8. So that is what happiness looks like! Beautiful shots all, likes the one Liam pushed the button on the best.