Saturday, 2 August 2014


Congratulations, Baz, for the nice banner photo. I love red colour!

As I saw this young woman, the book 'Little Women' by Louisa May Alcott came to my mind... POT LUCK

A non-intentional shot... POT LUCK

The outside wall of the patio of a youth hostel (Lisbon) POT LUCK

Perhaps lost in an unfamiliar world... POT LUCK


  1. Hi Belita!! Wonderful shots for this week's theme.The girl in the first shot seem lost in her own little world. A message from her boyfriend, I wonder? That's a great unintentional 'selfie' in the second photo. Love that painted wall outside the youth hostel, it almost blends into the real building!! A sad image in the final shot, but one that is all too familiar in many cites around the world.

  2. Hi, Belita, delightful pictures of people, you know they are the favorites of your work. Love the angle and perspective of the first and the pretty girl on her cell phone/mobile. The unintentional one couldn't have been better taken if it were intentional. I like that you included the three people on the left side. Very fascinating picture of the painting on the youth hostel. And a wonderful portrait of the man on an old seat. It has the air of weariness and being forlorn. As Mitch said, all too common. Black and white is perfect for this photograph.

  3. Hi Belitta how wonderful all of them are soo great
    the girl out of history lol wonderful catch
    like the last one so much pathos

  4. Wonderful Belita, these images have your trademark all over them, absolutely fabulous captures as always ;)

  5. All four are fantastic Belita, that wall is outstanding and makes one really look. The mirror is beautiful and you have nice legs. :-) The girl is so absorbed I hope she did get on the train before it took off. The man asleep sure must have been tired. He is wearing a leather jacket so I am wondering if he IS a 'street person' or just having a rest.

  6. That wall really looks stunning!

  7. Pretty gal


    Quite wonderful

    Indeed he might be

  8. Wonderful photos, Belita. I love the young woman in the first photo. I especially like her hat. I can see how that should would remind you of Jo Marsh in Little Women.

    >>>smiles<<< love the unintentional shot in that gorgeous mirror! and the family on the side... the woman seems to be eyeing you.

    That painting on the youth hostel is so cool!

    The last photo is so moving, Belita. Was this in a back alley? One would think he had just finished off that bottle of wine and fallen asleep. It looks like a scene you would see in a movie.