Saturday, 9 August 2014

Picture This #263 ~ Boats

Do we have boats in Switzerland? We do not even have a coast line, but yes we have lakes and rivers and now and again I make a trip to London, so let us see what I have that has never before been seen.

Just along the River Aar by Altreu - no problem in Altreu the have a restaurant, about 200 storks (a colony) and a river. Here is the local ferry from one side to the other.

Ferry over the Aare

Found another one, moored on the River Aar just down the path to where I live.
Boat moored on the River Aare

If you want to see a boat in Paris, just take a walk along the River Seine. They are all waiting for the tourists.
River Seine


  1. Very nice boats, Pat. The one in the middle is striking, so peaceful, the water like glass. Nice ferry on the Aar and lovely shot of Paris and the Seine with the tourist boats. I really should go back.

  2. Delightful little ferry

    Great capture of the dory

    Indeed that is the way to experience Paris

  3. Hi Pat !! Great shots for Heidi's theme!! Lovely little ferry in the first shot. Room to take your cycle, and a roof in case it rains. What more could you ask? A very peaceful scene in the second shot. Considering France is the nearest 'foreign' country to the UK, I have seen very little of it in person. I have yet to visit Paris.

  4. great shots and see you guys do have boats thanks for sharing

  5. Excellent shots for the theme.... Love them all but the second one makes me think many things...

  6. Nice shots, Pat! I love the little cute!

    The blue cover on the second boat really stand out...eye catching blue!

    Interesting shot of the tour boats. I wish we had done that in Paris. We did a boat tour in London but it never stopped raining!!!