Saturday, 16 August 2014

Picture This #264 ~ Summer

I have had a stress week behind me, coupled with a visit to the dentist and the hospital and am now glad to relax over the week-end until it all starts again, although next week I only have a hairdresser appointment. My doc is on holiday.

Hibiscus seem to grow like weeds in our village. Everyone has a couple in the garden. I had to pull about six out that had started growing from seeds. My Hibiscus are all seeds from a mother plant I once had. Here is the latest photo

What would summer be without a Swallowtail butterfly on the Buddleia?

Even the wasps felt thirsty in the sun and stole a drink from the cat's bowl of water.
Wasp drinking

It was quite a "sluggy" summer this year thanks to the rain. They were bringing their knives, forks and spoons
Slug group photo

And we had the back garden re-done with a new lawn. I was surprised when I saw this photo. An action shot of the gardener spreading a fertiliser basis before laying the lawn.
Throwing fertiliser


  1. Hi Pat!! Wonderful photos for this week's theme. Beautiful Hibisicus. Strangely enough, the opposite is true here in Wales. I hardly ever see one outside of a formal gardens. I love that second shot, so colourful, fabulous butterfly. Just as well Fluffy didn't go for a drink at the same time the wasp did!! Wow, you really did have a Slug-fest in your garden!! Garden looks even better now the new lawn is laid.

  2. Pat, I like the five shots, very much, from the pretty flower and the delicate butterfly, the wasp, the general meeting of the snails to the gardener...

  3. Great photos, Pat, I especially like the butterfly on the Buddleia. Slugs are a pain, have you tried pans of beer? (For the slugs.)

    1. I tried everything except for beer, but they are now slowly retreating since we had the garden renewed. I now pick them up and send them on a kamikaze flight to the field.

  4. Exquisite

    Amazing macro

    "To think that I've all this water to myself!"

    "Oki fellas, lets huddle and talk tactics."

    Wonderful idea for a project.

  5. Fantastic captures I especially like the Butterfly ;)

  6. I love hibiscus! Nice shot, Pat! Did you get the fire ant population under control? Sorry for the stressful week, but glad it is behind you. I hope the visit to the hospital was nothing serious.

    Beautiful capture of the swallowtail. That's my favorite out of this set.

    Great shot of the wasp. I hope the cat's don't get to close to them!

    How nice to have the lawn redone. I hope it's growing beautifully now! Nice shot of the lawn guy.

    Ugh, the slugs! My mother used to have us sprinkle salt on them. It's disgusting and fascinating too to watch them shrivel up. it sounds cruel, doesn't it? I like the idea of the beer better. I wonder how that works? I'll have to Google it. Great shot, BTW. They are different from the slugs here. The ones in GA didn't have ridges.