Friday, 6 March 2015

Picture This #293 ~ Spring Flowers

This is a perfect theme, thank you for choosing it, Pat! And thank you for putting my vase as banner shot.

These are pictures from years past. After the harsh winters in Michigan, spring flowers give hope to the gloomiest heart.

Snow crocus
Brave little crocus survive late snows.

Maple flowers
Maple trees have flowers too.

Trout lily
The trout lily, which grows in colonies and is protected in Michigan.


  1. Hi Benni !! Lovely shots for Pat's theme. Love that first shot of the crocuses battling through the snow. Wonderful light and colour in the maple shot. Really nice lilies, I like the mottled patterns of their leaves as well as the flowers.

  2. Very good effect in the first photo of the crocus poking through the snow. Love the colours of the maple and the lillies are very unique and definitely deserve to be protected.

  3. hi benni, love the flowers you shot and particularly the brave warriors which defeated the winter king. I feel like being a poet tonight, rofl

    1. Siete un poeta meraviglioso. Dante him could not have done better. :)

  4. These are wonderful shots Benni ;)

  5. Hi Benni! Very beautiful photos of flowers. I like all of them but the top one for its significance is my favourite...