Saturday, 14 March 2015

Picture This #294 ~ If I Were A Bird

First of all thanks very much for using my photo in the banner. I have two very proud bees in the garden and thanks to Belita for hosting.

As it would happen I have been on a photo week this week, taking plenty of walks with my camera of course, so here I have a couple fresh from the press.

We have crows where I live, they outnumber the people sometimes, but thank goodness for the zoom lens as they tend to fly away. I caught a shot today of some crows pecking at whatever crows peck at.
Crows on the field
On a walk I passed the local stables that now have a chicken section. They have a large field, a rooster and are all over the place, sometimes in the stables.
Hen Party, Feldbrunnen
And today I caught two crows in my garden
Two Crows thinking about it
and I couldn't resist this one, the parsons nose belonging to the rooster
The chicken moved as I took the photo


  1. Hi Pat! Congratulations for the lovely banner image. I look at it and I feel spring is in the air, already!
    I appreciate the freshness of your selection for the theme. It's perfect, from the crows - have you ever heard about the symbol of Lisbon that shows a boat and two crows? - and the poultry to the funny shot of the rooster....

  2. Hi Pat, congrats on the banner, it's the epitome of spring. I really like the picture of the crows in the field; it has a nice simplicity to it. Good catch of the happy chickens and the crows with an owl in the foreground. Your last picture is just a hoot. I had never heard the term "parson's nose" before and it is so expressive.

  3. Hi Pat!! Good shots for Belita's theme, although you didn't say what you would do if you were the birds. Great shost of the crows. The pair of crows in the third shot is very good. The photo of chickens in the field definitely has a Spring feel to it. I think the rooster in the last shot is expressing how he feels about having his photo taken!!

  4. Wonderful shot of the crows

    "Welcome to the 54th annual Chicken's Association's spring outing. The pre-lunch mingling is on."

    Both sides now

    Bottoms up!

  5. Hi Pat waving from Germany
    we have a lot of crows to lol
    love all your shots
    great banner :)

  6. Hi Pat, love all your shots. I never knew what can be called the parson's nose. Very clever.