Saturday, 21 March 2015

PT CCXCV ~ Unique, Funny Or Odd

Terrific banner by Robert and theme by Benni.

This owl-statue stands on the grounds of Vrams Gunnarstorp Castle near the outbuildings.
 photo 1_zpsf9dwcqjp.jpg

One of my first macros. It's a brass peacock.
 photo 3_zpsrojvicji.jpg

This is the lower part of the astronomical clock which stands immediately to the left of the main entrance of Lund Cathedral.
 photo 2_zpswgxnecn9.jpg

And as a bonus-shot - my uncle and his wife at a visit the summer of 10. I call it the Beast & The Beauty.
 photo 4_zpsfbjkxnwi.jpg


  1. Hi, Anders, that owl sculpture is just magnificent!! I love the carving, the ivy growing up and the wonderful background. The brass peacock is an intriguing photo. And what an interesting clock. Charming figures around the outside. Great shots for this week's theme.

    1. Thanks Benni. Ive added a fourth bonus shot too.

  2. Hi Anders!! Lovely shots for this week's theme. I really like the owl carving, particularly the smaller one in the hole in the trunk. Interesting macro......I like the colour. Really beautiful astronomical clock in the third shot. Fun shot of your uncle and his wife!!

  3. I love your bonus shot. I'm glad I checked back. Your uncle seems like a fun guy and your aunt is lovely.

  4. Four very good shots. Love the owl statue, very original. Interesting macro and clock shot. Good capture of your uncle and his wife.

  5. guten morgen Anders love your shots especially the first and last :)

  6. Hi Anders, great selection for this week's theme. The owl statue and the clock are my favorites. I love the detail in the wood carving in the astronomical clock. Very nice candid shot of your uncle and his wife. They seem happy. I hope it was a pleasant visit for you.

  7. Hi Anders! What a good selection for the theme!!! The owl is there like a guardian of the Castle... very interesting clock and the set ends with a charming couple...