Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Picture This #294 ~ If I Were A Bird

Hello, I've been absent for a long time. I have viewed the photos and procrastinated on submitting photos for each week's theme.

Congratulations to Pat for her photo of the flowers chosen as this week's banner. How wonderful to know Spring comes on Friday. I don't know what kind of flowers they are but it really perks me up to welcome a new season.

I have three photos taken recently of gulls.


  1. Hi Robert!! I'm very pleased to see you posting again!! I have to admit I thought you, like many others, had left Blogger altogether. Three wonderful photos for Belita's theme. The gull in the first shot appears to have plumped himself up, so I assume it was cold. The second shot is interesting......I wonder if he was drinking or sifting for food tidbits? The final shot is a great action-capture of the gull in flight!!

    1. Thanks Mitch. I hope to continue contributing photos each week as best as I can. The first gull photo was taken off shore while the other two gulls were taken inland over a pond.

  2. Hi Robert! Wonderful to see you back. Love your gull pictures. Great detail on the first one. I like the second as I have often seen gulls drinking or fishing about in shallow water. The third is magnificent! Such grace and beauty, and very nice against the grey background. Hope to see you here again often.

  3. Thanks, Benni. I liked Belita's theme for the week
    I usually don't have birds as subjects.

  4. Hi Robert! I'm really glad to see you back on here after a long lasting break...It was good to know you like the theme of my choice. I see, birds brought you on here with three awesome shots. Fantastic close-up in the first shot... Hope he found something appealing in the second photo and the flight in the third probably took him to a very pleasant place.... Thank you!

  5. I liked your choice of a theme. Maybe it inspired me to get back in the blog. Thanks for your comments on the birds. The last two photos were taken near a frozen pond. There were plenty of gulls. I was really looking for bald eagles but there weren't any that day. Thank you for your comments.

  6. wow wonderful Robert love them all

  7. I am late, but am here. Three wonderful photos from the birds. I like them all but the one in flight is unique. and nice to see you here again