Friday, 20 March 2015

Picture This #295 ~ Unique, Funny Or Odd

BONUS TOO! Hi this is Benni, spending my last weekend in sunny warm Florida. Mitch asked me to host and I thought it was just the thing to boost my spirits. The theme is "Unique, funny, or odd". I'm thinking most of you must have pictures that fit in this category.

And here is the bonus: usually we only post pictures we have taken ourselves. But this week, only if you want to, you can put up a picture of yourself that someone else took, especially if it is "unique, funny or odd". You'll see what I mean when you get to my picture.

Violet in Tree
This violet found a place to nestle in the crook of a tree.

Wet bird
Unhappy wet bird.

Gecko in the sun.

Taken by my husband a few years ago. I emerged unscathed from the jaws of the (plastic) beast.

There they are. Have fun. I look forward to seeing your contributions!!


  1. Hi Benni! What a funny theme for this week!!! Obviously, your four shots fit perfectly the theme, particularly the last one which is hilarious... looking at you, makes me laugh and feel fearful simultaneously....

  2. Hi Benni !! Many thanks for hosting this week, love your fun theme!! Good shot of the violet growing on the tree. Love the shot of the egret shaking off the rain.....I have a very similar one I took in Florida. Great capture of the cute little Gecko. That last shot made me laugh!!

  3. Hi Benni what a wonderful collections of shots--the bird id having a bad hair day lol
    the last one is tooo funny

  4. Pretty little flower

    "Im having a really bad plumage day."

    "Im jest hangin'."

    Grabbing a bite.

  5. A good original theme. Lovely place for a violet, an invitation to a photo. Love the wet bird. and a gecko sunbathing is a rare thing where I live. Am glad we only have cows and no alligators. Funny photo.