Saturday, 28 March 2015

Picture This #296 ~ Puppy (Or Dog) Love

Congratulations Heidi on the super banner picture and thanks for hosting this week Anders.

I am not a dog person. I like dogs, but somehow my felines do not want to share their place with a dog. Anyhow as I always have a camera somewhere when I go out, I do tend to get doggy pictures. I even have a file full, marked "Dogs", so here we go.

A friend of mine is a farmer's wife and has 7 children. A couple have moved out, but they have all sorts of animals and one of her daughters has this dog. I think it has some sort of Chinese name of breed, but when I am on a visit there is always a photo to take home, so here it is.

This might be one of those dogs they call Papillon, like a butterfly. He was at a village football tournament where I was doing the first aid stuff and I took a shot.
Unknown dog at football tournament, Riedholz

I think this is a so-called King Poodle, anyhow he is big!!
King Poodle

Even dogs have to take a break now and again. In the supermarket restaurant
Dogs seen in Migros Restaurant, Langendorf


  1. Hi Pat!! Super doggie photos for Anders' theme. Not sure what the breed is in the first shot, but he seems to be rather snooty, looking down his nose at you!! I think you are correct about the second shot, it does look like a Papillon, the ears are quite distinctive. I'm not a big fan of poodles, but that large black poodle is rather handsome. The dogs in the final shot have obviously had a hard day's shopping!!

  2. Hi Pat some lovely shots I don't have many dog shots since I am allergic

  3. Hi Pat, love your shots, especially the ones in the supermarket restaurant. We Americans, for some reason, ban dogs from stores and especially restaurants, seems a pity.

  4. "Im cute!"

    "But Im cuter still!"

    Wonderful specimen!

    "Im soo tired!! And Im chipper!"

  5. Awesome shots of four different dog breeds, yet all are cute... Amazing to me how dogs are allowed to get into a supermarket restaurant! How lucky dogs are in Swiitzerland....

  6. I like all your breed of dogs. It's amazing how dogs were bred to size and color. The first dog resembles a wise Asian guide. The Papillion seems to need a lot of grooming as well as the Poodle. I like how your photograph of the dogs in the supermarket. The only dogs allowed in places like restaurants and stores are service dogs.