Saturday, 7 March 2015

Picture This #293 ~ Spring Flowers

Many thanks to Pat for hosting this week. A really nice theme. The early flowers are always a welcome sign after winter. Unfortunately here in Wales we're about two or three weeks short of Spring, so I'll be using shots from my archive.

1) Snowdrops, those most hardy of early flowers.

2) Daffodils, the most iconic of Spring flowers here in Wales.
Three In A Row

3) Magnolia, a common Spring flower in Wales.
Magnificent Magnolia 1

4) Tulip, my favourite Spring flower.
Edged With Light


  1. Hi Mitch! Wonderful spring flowers. Your snowdrops are perfect against the narrow green leaves. Very nice daffodils, three little maids all in a row. I like how you've taken the magnolia against the blue sky. And tulips may be my favorite spring flower as well; the reds in yours are so dark they seem almost black.

  2. Perfect snowdrops the perfect ouverture to Spring. Wonderful daffodil arrangement and magnolias are my favourite despite the mess they make when they finish flowering. My tulips are just sprouts at the moment but after seeing your perfect photo, can't wait for them to flower.

  3. Hi Mitch first thanks for all the help today--wow dumb needed more coffee this early am again thanks

    love your flowers
    mine are from my archives also spring is about 3 weeks away here to

  4. Exquisite snowdropsw

    Indeed these are the quintissential spring flower

    Love magnolias.

    Beautiful shimmering purples and whites.

  5. Hi Mitch! I see beauty from the top shot to the bottom one... each shape, each colour make it be a lovely variety of spring flowers...