Friday, 27 March 2015

Picture This #296 ~ Puppy (Or Dog) Love

Wonderful banner by Heidi!! 

Welcome and greetings from Sweden. This is Anders and I'm hosting this weeks theme which is PUPPY (OR DOG) LOVE. Animals are notoriously hard to photograph but I have been lucky at at least three occasions. The first one was when we fetched our new dog at the breeders - mum held little Kalle in her arms and he looked right into the camera. The second shot is from an excursion I was on with a photoclub of which I was a member - the little dog belonged to one of the members and the third and last one is my neighbour's new puppy. Hope you'll enjoy this theme and I'm looking forward to your entries.

 photo 001_Kalle_zpsfecymlns.jpg

 photo 105_Happy_zpstqua5fx4.jpg

 photo 307_FamQtsByFamPpl_zps6eshnwpr.jpg


  1. Wonderful theme, Anders, I am sure we all have pictures of dogs (or other animals?) that we can post. Your pups are very cute and lively. The middle picture especially is a nice action shot.

  2. Hi Anders! Although I am not a dog lover, I like the theme of your choice as much as like the three shots you share on here with us. The top and the bottom shots show dogs' eyes looking a bit sad, while I like the active dog in the second...

  3. Hi Anders!! Many thanks for hosting this week, a really good theme, most folks should have some dog photos!! Your three shots are all wonderful. Kalle has such a sweet little face. The dog in the second shot looks like he's play....waiting for someone to throw a ball, perhaps. Your neighbour's new dog has lovely colouring.

  4. Three lovely dogs. I particularly like the one in the third picture, he has so much character in his face.

  5. Hi Anders and thanks for hosting love all three but
    the first one is my love

    1. Hi Anders, this is a great theme. I love all three photos. You captured the precious looks on the first and third puppies. They want us to take them and give them a home. I liked the feistiness of the second puppy.