Saturday, 14 March 2015

PT CCIXIV ~ If I Were A Bird

Wonderful banner by Pat and great theme by Belita.

If I were a bird, I'll help deliver babies...(taken on a visit to the Scanian Wildlife Refuge)
 photo DSCN1180_zpsbhkhr6uo.jpg

If I were a bird, I'll be on picket duty for predators (taken in my garden)
 photo DSC_0002_zps0ybw7qgi.jpg

If I were a bird, I might in wintertime feel the need to be fed (the pheasant is sitting neath our outdoor table where we have laid out seeds.)
 photo DSC_0002b_zpsdqk7gbnt.jpg


  1. Hi Anders!! Nice photos for Belita's theme. The storks in the first shot look rather cold. I bet they were wishing they had flown south for the winter!!! LOL. Cool bullfinch in the second shot. Lovely take of the pheasant.

  2. Hi Anders! Great shot of the storks! Wonderful composition and background. Sweet sparrow and a gorgeous shot of the pheasant. I'm very glad you feed them.

  3. very nice Anders especially the storks

  4. Beautiful shots of the birds especially the storks. We have a colony near us. Wonderful birds.

  5. Hi Anders! I like your selection of shots for the theme.... I particularly appreciate the variety of the birds as much as each respective setting... the top one is very beautiful, while the pheasant even if surrounded by snow, doesn't seem to be shivering... strong bird, indeed!

  6. Great selection of photos for the theme. Good variety of birds. I like the storks and the pheasant.