Saturday, 28 March 2015

Picture This #296 ~ Puppy (Or Dog) Love

Many thanks to Anders for hosting this week's challenge. A great theme, everyone should have some doggie photos in their collection!!

Here are mine:

1) Portrait of my mom's dog 'Sable'.

2) This dog was enjoying a day at the beach.
Enjoying The Sun 1

3) This guy was hoping for a lick of ice-cream.
Gimme A Lick

4) Statue of 'Old faithful', Cardiff Bay
Old Faithful


  1. "Do you love me as much as I love you?"

    "And Im feeling good..."

    "Please, please, pretty please..."¨

    Wonderful statue.

  2. The portrait of Sable makes her look almost human, as if she were sitting for a serious portrait, which she probably was. Love your dog at the beach and the ice cream dog, they can express so much. Very nice statue. I am sure he is an attraction to the visitors.

  3. wow love your moms dog they are all great

  4. Lovely shots, Mitch, particularly of your Mom's dog. Did the dog in #3 get some ice cream? I hope so.

  5. Hi Mitch! Four beauties I see on here, particularly Sable that from the eyes and nose I easily conclude he (she?) he can be classified as belonging to an aristocratic breed. Whenever I see dog on the beach, they always have fun... Would that dog like the taste of the ice-cream? Cool the ears..

  6. Hi Mitch, my favorite photo has to be Sable. She is beautiful. It seems she is use to having her photo taken. The dog on the beach is nice. That last dog must be salivating to have a lick of that ice cream cone. I like how the sculptor posed the dog in this statue.