Saturday, 21 March 2015

Picture This #295 ~ Unique, Funny Or Odd

Many thanks to Benni for hosting this week. She has chosen a really fun theme, which should produce some interesting shots!!

Here are mine:

1) I spotted this funny face at Stackpole Gardens last summer.
Funny Face 1

2) These guys looked like they were playing a game of 'Simon Says' LOL.
Simon Says

3) Straw 'Sun God' effigy I saw at Castell Henllys iron-age centre.
Straw Sun God

4) Joanne seen through a bubble-chamber at Technoquest, Cardiff.
Bubble Blonde


  1. Love them especially the funny face

  2. Hi Mitch. Great pictures. Fascinating face at the gardens. Whimsical and funny. I love the two gentlemen sitting and talking with their hands on their heads, unconsciously mirroring each other. Very cool straw guy!! And what a lovely picture of Joanne through the bubble chamber. Glad you liked the theme.

  3. Terrific!!

    "Did you hear that George had been caught
    stealing knickers in a lingerie-shop - again. That guy's incorrigable."

    Wow - cool

    Wonderful shot of Joanne.

  4. Nice funny face, good shot. Synchrone relaxation - good catch, the things we do when we become golden oldies. Good take on the amusing straw man and an interesting shot of Joanne.

  5. Hi Mitch, you have a great selection for Benin's theme. I love the two guys sitting with their arms over their heads. "Simon says, do this!" Interesting captures of the face in the gardens and the straw man. Very nice shot of Joanne through the bubble chamber.

  6. Hi Mitch! Very good shots for Benni's theme... That face is really funny... love the shot of the two guys.. they look very relaxed and probably were telling jokes to each other.... unusual straw piece of art, yet very interesting .... good shot of Joanne...