Saturday, 14 March 2015

Picture This #294 ~ If I Were A Bird

Many thanks to Belita for hosting this week. She's come up with a great theme!! Should be a lot of fun!!

If I were a bird.........

1) I would eat lots of seeds!!
Male Chaffinch 2

2) I would look for fish!!
Great Blue Heron 6

3) I would spread my wings!!

4) I would sing all day!!
Something To Say


  1. Hi Mitch! Just wonderful bird shots! I like the chaffinch with the seed in his beak. Astounding detail of the heron! The crow (maybe) spreading her wings is an intriguing and unique photo, fantastic perspective and detail. And what a sweet little songbird nestled in the branches. Fabulous spring picture.

  2. wow Mitch what a wonderful collection

  3. They are beautiful photos from the first of the chaffinch with his wonderful colours, the heron with its details, unknown big bird ready to go and the last bird is a robin, but am not sure. Wonderful shots.

  4. Hi Mitch! Excellent selection of shots for this week's theme. If you were a bird you would surely make all the viewers and mates of yours feel envious of your beautiful feathers and overall elegance, despite an occasional over dose of seeds... I can hear the singing ,,, a solo cantata by a soprano that the late Maria Callas would have liked to compete with...

  5. That is one of its chief pursuits, I would think.

    Looks sharply after its prey indeed.

    ...and prepare to fly... the delight of all listeners.

  6. Beautiful images, Mitch. I love the colors in the first bird. Is that a blue bird? I love the last photo of the bird singing. Excellent capture of the bird of prey.