Friday, 13 March 2015


Hi all, Belita here. Mitch asked if I would host this week's challenge and I gladly accepted. I think I can type that we all, once or even often, have thought Ah if I had wings... Then, my choice of theme for this week is 'If I were a bird'. So here are the shots I selected to get you started. Enjoy!

If I were a bird ...

From time to time, a get-together with my fellows would be nice...
If I were a bird (2)

Sometimes, I would turn my back on a camera and ...
If I were a bird (1)

... would look at some weird thing, like a not real owl!
If I were a bird (3)


  1. What a great theme!! Thank you so much, Belita. Aren't those sparrows nice, getting together for a little chat by the flowers? Cute little brown bird makes a sweet picture, even with his back to us. Wonderful owl, it seems to be made of fabric I think. A terrific set to start us off.

  2. wonderful theme belita and love all your pics be back in a while

  3. Delightful gathering

    Wonderful shot of the sole bird and the peculiar piece of art

  4. Hi Belita!! Many thanks for hosting this week....what a wonderful theme!! I love those sparrows in the first photo, looks like they're waiting for some food. Great shot of the bird on the palm frond. I really like that colourful artificial owl on the rooftop!!

  5. Love the sparrow group and very unique photo. The second bird found a good perch on the palm leaf and a very interesting bird in the third photo.

  6. Thank you for a wonderful theme, "If I Were A Bird." Love the goup of sparrows and the bird perched on the palm leaf. The last photo is a whimsical take on the theme. All good photos.

  7. Thank you all for taking part in this week's Challenge ... I'm grateful for the kind comments, as well.