Friday, 27 March 2015

Picture This #296 ~ Puppy (Or Dog) Love

Packing to go north, but always have time for Picture This. I'll be back Sunday to comment on everyone's photographs. Here are mine.

Blue Dog
Shop entrance in small town in Michigan

Dog with frisbee
Spencer enjoys the beach

IMG_2831.JPG copy
My favorite dog in the whole world, Buck.


  1. Delightful statue.

    Wonderful shots of Spencer and Buck.

  2. Hi Benni! Very quiet dog in the top shot.... He will never be nervous, he will never bark, his colour matching with the dog food and water plates... in the second shot, again a nice colour combination.... the rubber ring and the ocean... Buck seems to be a contemplative dog... I believe he is very smart...
    May you have a nice trip back home...

  3. Hi Benni !! Great shots for Anders' theme. Love that statue in the first shot.....he should be called 'Spot' LOL. Great shot of Spencer emerging from the water with his 'trophy'. Buck is a beautiful dog. Looks like he was mid-moult when you took that shot.

  4. The first is an intersting shot, you have blue dogs with red spots - intersting breed. spencer and Buck are two lovely dogs.

  5. Hi Benni love the first one the only kind of a dog for allergic me lol
    but the shepherd is also very lovely

  6. Hi Benni, I like your photos for the theme. This statue of the dog is interesting. Spencer is playful. Is he a Lab? Great photo of Buck, the German Shepherd.