Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Picture This #303 ~ Black And White

Sorry I have not added to picture this in a while.
For Picture this #303
Black and white being the theme this week and having the time to play, I decided to pull something together for it.

First with a drop or two.

Then the birds, well a crane in this case.

Weed profile.

and the one looking for the weed profile. He he


  1. Hi Randall !! Great to see you taking part again after so long. Fantastic shots for this theme!!! Awesome macro of the water droplet on the plant. Great capture of the cranes lurking in the grass. beautiful shot of the 'weed', great bokeh. The moose looks a bit miffed that you disturbed his (her?) breakfast. LOL.

  2. Hi Randall wow love all your shots especially the weed thanks for posting appreciate it

  3. Hi Randall, nice to see you. Marvelous bead of water in the first shot, reflecting the center of the plant. Lovely cranes in the grass. The weed picture is fabulous, the one in sharp focus with the two behind it makes a great contrast. Nice moose; I wish I saw them more often.

  4. Catching up first of all. Lovely b/w photos - I especially like the first one, nature at its best.Love the angle on the cranes and the details on the grass. Sorry but No. 4 is not showing up on my computer, so i blame it on flikr, they have a few issues at the moment I noticed.