Saturday, 30 May 2015

Picture This #305 ~ A Good Many

Many thanks to Debby for hosting this week. A great theme, lots of possibilities!! This was actually more difficult for me than I thought!! Looking through my albums, I realised that the majority of my photography is of single subjects. Took me some time to find some with 'many' things in them!!

Here are mine:

1) Many beautiful purple flowers!!
Purple Multitude

2) Many gators waiting for you to fall in!!

3) Many stones in many necklaces!!
Necklaces 3

4) Many tiny bugs invading a Primula flower!!


  1. Hi Mitch great finds among your shots love those alligators
    great banner for the week goes with Debs theme

  2. Wonderful shots, Mitch! I love flowers in profusion such as your purple multitude! Especially as in a field of wildflowers!

    Amazing capture of the gators. Looks positively medieval, hungry gators waiting hungrily for someone to fall into the moat!

    Pretty beads! They make a lovely, colorful display!

    The flower in the last shot look as if it is giving birth to the bugs!

  3. Utterly lovely purples and yellows

    "Hey, fellas, any plans for the weekend?"

    Beautiful necklaces and the solitary flower.

  4. Great shots, Mitch! Beautiful asters (I think they are) and scary gators! I won't be swimming there soon. I love your stone beads, actually I covet them. LOL. And so many bugs gathering nectar from the Primula. My favorite is the awesome gators.

  5. Hi Mitch! All the shots are really good but that one of the gators is very special... love it..