Saturday, 9 May 2015

Picture This #302 ~ Blue

Congratulations to Heidi on the banner shot and thanks to Benni for hosting.

I took a photo of this ornament on a gravestone Actually I had to take about 10 shots until I was happy with the result. I don't know what the material is, but it definitely has a blue tinge to it.
horse ornament on grave

This is a so-called meadow sage apparently and it was growing wild in a container in town. Although it is slightly blurred, I quite liked the mixture of being blurred and not blurred, probably my fault with the focus.
Meadow Sage

There is quite a lot of blue in this photo of the River Aar
River Aar Attisholz

This is Siberian Burgloss, and a forget-me-not that is permanent and flowers every year. My sister-in-law gave me a few plants but she said be careful it might take over. It has not taken over, but makes a wonderful splash of blue in spring when it flowers, although it does tend to spread.
Siberian Bugloss


  1. Hi, Pat! Wonderful horses! I am going to guess they are copper, or an alloy of copper, which can produce a blue patina. It's a lovely photo. I love your sage and the effect of being at ground level looking through them (as a fairy might). (I seem to be in a fanciful mood today.) Gorgeous serenity in the river Aar, and very delicate capture of the forget-me-nots which I have as well. Your photo is lacy and beautiful.

  2. Hi Pat!! Great shots for Benni's theme. Beautiful horse statues in the first shot. The person whose gravestone it is must have had a great love for them. The Meadow Sage and the Forget-Me-Nots both are wonderful splashes of colour. Lovely scene of the River Aar.

  3. Hi Pat love all your shots
    the blurred one came out great the blur and the blue is super

  4. Beautiful horse-statues

    Exquisite flowers and serene river.

  5. Hi Pat! I really love your choice of photos for this week's theme.... Uncommon ornament on a gravestone,..probably he (she) loved horse riding.... The second shot is my favourite...intentionally or not, I like the blurred and the not blurred... very beautiful effect, indeed!