Saturday, 23 May 2015

Picture This #304 ~ Yellow

First of all I am honoured, or our local bench is honoured, as the banner photo. I took the photo at the right moment as they have now mowed away the grass at the front of the photo.

I am early this week, but I am not sure whether I will partake next week as No. 2 son will be getting married at the local registry office. The church wedding is in Germany in July.

Thanks for hosting Mitch, so let's go yellow.

I caught this reflection from a lamp in the living room


I know this is a bit out of season, but it is really nice and yellow, the Easter Bunny

I have so many yellow flowers, so here is one of them from my garden.
Flower in my garden

Mr. Swiss drum set is yellow - on the left of the photo.


  1. Wow beautiful darkocra shadows on the yellow roof

    Delightful statue

    Beautiful flowers

    Great shot of the drummer and band.

  2. Very good selection of photos for this week's theme. From the abstract subject, somehow, that resembles the sky at sunset on some days, the cute rabbit that I presume has encouraged consumers to buy the little ones made of chocolate, to the pretty yellow flower and the nice composition in the bottom shot, I love them all.

  3. Hi Pat !! Great shots for this week's theme. Lovely golden-yellow glow on your living room ceiling. That's a rather large and scary-looking Easter bunny!! Beautiful shot of the yellow flowers!! Great capture of Mr Swiss jamming with the rest of the band.

  4. Hi Pat love your shots
    that Bunny wow just wow and Mr. Swis's drums one of a kind
    love your bench banner great job well done

  5. What an interesting shot of the lamp light on the ceiling! It must be a very intricate lampshade to cast that pattern on to the ceiling.

    I LOVE the yellow bunny! Fantastic shot!

    Pretty sunshiny flowers!

    Nice looking group of musicians, there. I love that room!

    1. There was no lampshade. It was a standard lamp, but there was a plant involved with lots of leaves and it was the reflection of the plant that caused the patten.

  6. Congratulations on the marriage of your son! Lovely pictures. Very nice shot of the lamp reflection.Wow, look at that rabbit, I love it. I also very much like the yellow flower against the purple background, that is a striking photo. Great shot of Mr. Swiss and his band, many yellows there and a nice sunny room.

  7. hi pat, lovely pics. love the flower andthe giant rubbit. cheerio