Saturday, 2 May 2015

Picture This #301 ~ Up Or Down

Thanks for hosting Belita and congratulations for her super film star photo.

Our local village church in on a hill, as are most churches I think. This is a view from the side stairs looking down of the church of St. Niklaus, Feldbrunnen.
Stairs from Church St. Niklaus, Feldbrunnen

Here I was sitting on a bench somewhere on a walk and noticed the mistletoe in the tree so looking up with the camera too a shot.
Not difficult to look down on anything in a country like Switzerland. I took this on a hill on top of the bank of the River Aar, looking towards the West.
View over River Aar

If you look up on a clear day you can see the alps from the area where I live. I took this view from the local castle.
Alps from castle Waldegg


  1. Hi Pat !! Great photos for Belita's theme (not mine, I edited your opening sentence LOL). From the top of the steps in the first shot you get a good view of who may be approaching. Great shot of the mistletoe in the tree. Lovely view of the River Aar in the third shot, but I do hope you didn't accidentally touch the electrified fence!! Really beautiful scenery in your final photo!!

  2. Hi Pat, love your photos, I must say the last one is a stunner. Fields, farms and a magnificent view of the Alps. Nicely done!! Pretty shots of the Aar and the mistletoe (kinda twirly) and a lovely staircase.

  3. Amazing stairs

    Quite a lot of kiss beneath

    Beautiful intricate latticework of the branches.

    Majestic view.

  4. Hi Pat! Many sincere thanks for your words which made me blush a bit, I admit...
    I always admire your creativity and good sense to shoot at subjects that most people would not notice, when they live in a village or small town. You have eyes for photography. This is undeniable as I look at the fours nice shots, each one suiting perfectly the theme of my choice....

    1. Thanks for the wonderful comments Belita, my turn to blush now. I just find it so good with a digi camera to take those photos you wish you had taken before they existed.