Saturday, 23 May 2015

Picture This #304 ~ Yellow

Hi everyone, this is Mitch and I'm going to be hosting this week. Continuing with the themes of recent weeks, I'm choosing another colour for this week's challenge. That colour is: YELLOW. Lets see all kinds of yellow in your photos. 

Here are mine:

1) Inside a yellow tulip.
Yellow Tulip Interior 3

2) Buttercup pasture.
Buttercup Pasture 1

3) Yellow-breasted.
Yellow & Black

4) Yellow lunch.
Flying Visit 2


  1. Good angle on the tulip showing its sunny side up on the petals and love the contrast to the red stamens or whatever they are. And I pull the buttercups out of my garden when they appear, perhaps I should leave them, they make a wonderful yellow landscape. Good yellow impact on the breast of the bird and the bee seems to be enjoying himself and will probably fly off with nice yellow packed pouches in his legs.

  2. Beautiful brilliant yellow of the petals

    Truly amazing shimmering yellow flowers

    Pretty little bird

    Beautiful intense yellow.

  3. Hi Mitch! Tulips are very beautiful flowers....awesome shot of one of the yellow against the green in the second shot, while the bird looks proud of his yellow breast.... I wouldn't say that was a lunch but a banquet... Could the insect fly away after enjoying it or did he decide to have a siesta???

  4. wow Mitch you out did yourself your theme is wonderful and Pats bench is just the right touch and your shots are all beautiful

  5. Wonderful theme, Mitch! My favorite color. The tulip up top is one of the most gorgeous of your macros that I have seen, and I think that is saying something. Fabulous field, love the detail of the people walking through. Nice little bird, incredible detail. And a bee-utiful lunch picture to round them out.

  6. Wow! the inside of flowers always look so exotic! Nice shot!
    The field of buttercups is very pretty! I like the way you included the hillside for accent.
    The yellow breasted bird is beautiful! And the bee macro is awesome...among my favorite things to photograph, too.

  7. hi mitch here I am after a long time spent abroad . Love your pics as usual but my fav is the fab bird.