Saturday, 16 May 2015

Picture This #303 ~ Black And White

Many thanks to Heidi for hosting this week. A great theme, one with plenty of variety and that everyone should have plenty of photos for!!

Here are mine:

1) Gunnera flowers.
Gunnera Flowers

2) Cygnets in the nest.

3) New York buildings, looking up.

4) Natural Symmetry. Osteospermum opening.
Natural Symmetry


  1. Hi Mitch thanks
    love yours especially those tall buildings

  2. Hi Mitch! Four awesome shots, as you always share with us. I particularly love the top and the bottom shots. The former for the light and the latter for the fine detail...

  3. The gunnera flowers look very mysterious in the light. I think one cygnet is asking the other "Where's mum" - so sweet. the cloud effect on the NY skyscraper is perfect in black and white and the osteospermum is great in its details..

  4. Wow! What fantastic detail in that first shot. Looks positively alien.

    The baby swans are so sweet! I love that one...such beautiful light!

    Great upwards shot of the skyscrapers! They sort of make you feel small, don't they?

    That last flower is a beauty! Perfect shot!

  5. Fabulous pictures; I especially like the baby swans. The detail in the first picture is stunning as well.