Saturday, 30 May 2015

Picture This #305 ~ A Good Many

What a wonderful banner picture by Nikhil, it even fits the theme as well as being very colorful.

Love the prompt, Debby, here are my three.

A good many shells

A good many of these flowers, called Jack-in-the-pulpit, are in my woods.

Whistling ducks
A good many ducks. I wonder what is going on with the duck in the upper right?


  1. Hi Benni !! Wonderful shots for this week's theme. I really like your photo of the shells. I thought I had one similar, but I couldn't find it in my archive. I particularly like the little purple/pink shell centre-left. Beautiful shot of the Jack-In-The-Pulpits. The photo of the ducks made me smile. They all appear to be fascinated by something in the sky, except for the one upper-left......he can't bear to look!!

    1. Thanks, Mitch. I picked up that little shell and popped it in my pocket.

  2. Hi Benni! Not easy to pick up a favourite capture out of the three but the bottom one with that duckling apparently changing his mood is very interesting...

    1. Thank you. I have never been able to figure out what she saw...

  3. Lovely cowries

    Beautiful green of the leaves

    Marvellous shot of all the ducks.

  4. Hi Benni! Gorgeous photos. I love the sea shells! SO pretty!

    Wonderful closeup of the Jack-in-the-pulpit. It's one of my favorites. You are so lucky! I've never come across one in the wild.

    Lovely shot of the ducks. The one in the center is really strutting his stuff, isn't he? We don't have this type of duck in our area. Really pretty colors!