Saturday, 2 May 2015

PT CCCI ~ Up Or Down

Beautiful banner and theme by Belita.

Stairs going UP in the between tunnel of the Kulturen Open Air Museum, Lund.
 photo 014_Stairway_zpss9502kro.jpg

The mid-bedroom in our house. It was always nice to lie DOWN in this bed.
 photo 087_WishFor2011_zpsyszwrc2r.jpg


  1. Hi Anders!! Good to see you taking part again. Nice shots for Belita's theme. I like the pool of sunlight at the top of the steps in your first shot. Comfy-looking bed in the second shot. A good place to read, as well as have a nap!!

  2. Hi Anders! Thanks for your kind words.
    Love your two interpretations of this week's theme... I like to see one aspect of the globalization... that design of the IKEA cushion cover is really pretty...I have the same pattern not for a cushion cover but for a lampshade...

    1. You're welcome, Belita.

      And thanks! :)

  3. Good angle on the stairs and your bed looks very comfortable

  4. Hi, Anders! Lovely stairway with the light and greens. And what a nice take on the theme with your mini-bedroom and a book to read.