Saturday, 16 May 2015

Picture This #303 ~ Black And White

Thanks for hosting Heidi and a great banner picture from Benni, which really suits the b/w theme.

A lonely tree on a hill just near where I live, taken on a walk
Tree on a hill in Feldbrunnen near the river Aar
A neighbouring cow in a field  across the road having a drink

One of our fountains in the main square of Solothurn, Switzerland
Fountains on Amthausplatz, Solothurnn
A bench in a field seen on a walk
Bench in the field


  1. Hi Pat !! Excellent shots for Heidi's theme. I really like the 'lonely tree' in the first shot, definitely my favourite. Good shot of the cow having some refreshment. Great action-capture of the water spraying out of the fountain. Wonderful shot of the bench amongst the wild flowers. Maybe that one is my favourite instead...........I can't decide!!

  2. Hi Pat wonderful shots love the cows fit right in

  3. I love the lonely tree on the hill! Looks like a nice place for a picnic, if there are no bulls around! Wonderful shot, Pat!

    I've never seen a cow drinking from an apparatus like that! Cool and unusual capture!

    What an interesting fountain. Is this on the street? I've never seen one with that kind of grating underneath. Recycling water?

    Wow! Just look at all of those dandelions! Ever try them in a salad? Nice shot of the bench! All very nice shots.

  4. Hi Pat, love your pictures, all of them, what a great shot that top one is though!! Hills, storm clouds, flowers and the tree in just the right spot for a perfect composition.

  5. Four very beautiful shots in B&W.... I like all of them but the top and the bottom ones are my favourites...