Sunday, 17 May 2015

Picture This #303 ~ Black And White

Hi Benni here, a bit under the weather, beware new takeaway spots. I shall be fine tomorrow.

Thank you for putting my picture up as banner. I loved seeing all your shots and mostly wanted to say more. Just not my normal perky self today. Oh, I see Flickr has changed again. What a joy!

Familiar gate


Venice FL
I posted this house in color a couple of months ago. Looks spooky b/w.


  1. Hi Beni your banner is so cool--
    yes Flicker is well grrr had little trouble tryiny to get my shots done oh well

    love your shots the first and third wow love the last black and white gives it such an erie feeling somewhere in the south cool
    the first one is always so cool could make a great story

  2. Hi Benni!! Hope you're feeling better soon. Great shots for the theme. Love your 'gate to the sunken path' from a slightly different angle. Fabulous shot of the pelican about to dive into the water. Yes, that house in the third shot definitely looks creepy!! I'm sure Pat could base one of her stories there!!

  3. It is amazing how b/w can enhance the photos. Your gate is famous, and the b/w version is wonderful. Love your pelican (took a photo of a flying stork today, but is still in the camera so I hope it turns out as good as yours). Yes, very nice creepy house, I have a few ideas about that. Do you prefer vampires or just a plain ghost?

    1. I think a tragic tale of love gone wrong and a ghost is just the thing.

  4. Hi Benni! I remember that gate in colour and now seeing it in B&W, it's beautiful, too... The pelican looks like a plane on the way to land on a runway.... Love the 'spooky' house....