Saturday, 23 May 2015

Picture This #304 ~ Yellow

 photo b0aa0270-8fd7-477f-bb61-3eeae36e070f_zpsb9b09e53.jpg

 photo 1fe63298-22f7-4794-b6a6-652e1758965d_zps20715dd4.jpg

 photo 5273fffb-a319-4359-bbc9-c7b3458c923a_zpsrjg2ssry.jpg

 photo d4a79b7d-eca6-432c-9782-c1b5b9efc32e_zpsfyq1hjrq.jpg


  1. Hi Nik!! Good to see you taking part again!! Love that first shot, those pots are so colourful. Good shot of the yellow melons trying to escape the clutches of the watermelons!! LOL. The woman in the third shot seems so intent on her work. Good candid capture. In the final shot, is the figure in the middle Ganesh?

  2. Something completely different. What a colourful country you live in. I love those yellow pots. A wonderful variety of fruits we do not see so much and the yellow sari the lady is wearing is a very good shot. Also the last photo shows some very interesting articles.

  3. HI DEAR FRIEND wonderful shots all of them especially the pottery and the sitting lady

  4. Wonderful photos, Nik! I love the piles of ceramics. So colorful!

    Pretty market shot of the melons.

    The lady in the yellow sari is one of my favorites. I love the photos that show us what your side of the world is like.

    I love the shop photo and the very ornate Ganesh.

  5. Hi, Nik, very good to see you. What a lovely set of ceramics up top, wonderful brilliant colors. I like the yellow squash contrasted with the deep green. My favorite is the absolutely beautiful capture of the woman in her yellow sari! What a color!! Great shot from the shop, a place I would like to go.

  6. Wonderful urns

    Beautiful bright yellow lemons

    Wonderful yellow cloth

    and statue.

  7. Hi Nick! I really like all the yellows you share with us on here...