Saturday, 30 May 2015

PT CCCV ~ A Good Many

Beautiful banner by Nikhil and wonderful theme by Debby.

A selection of tools etc, on a wall in a museum
 photo 3_zps3gas5h4x.jpg

The only Summer when the poppies weren't blown to bits.
 photo 1_zpskt0yxyfc.jpg

A fireworks that turned out to look like a mass of "spiders"
 photo 2_zps1lfzlgmb.jpg


  1. Hi Anders!! Cool collection of photos for Debby's theme. Fascinating collection of ironworks in the first shot. Beautiful line-up of blood-red poppies. Great shot of the fireworks.....and, yes, they do look a bit like spiders :-))

    1. Thanks Mitch. Indeed - I do love this sort of thing. Im very happy that I have one photo of the a complete line of them. Very cool I think- it is notoriously difficult to photograph fireworks.

  2. Good dag anders love all your shots especially the flowers

  3. Wow, I love the tools and such, Anders. Lovely and historic!

    The poppies are very pretty! I'm happy you captured them in all their glory!

    Your firework spiders are pretty. They don't give me the heebie jeebies, They're a joy to see!

    1. Indeed they are.

      Im glad too - last year they were blown to bits

      I had a whole series that turned out very cool and beautiful.

  4. Hi Anders! Love the selection of tools, very interesting. Your red poppies are nicely captured in a wonderful composition and of course I love the fireworks and how you have photographed them.

  5. Hi Anders! Good choice of shots for Deb's theme.... love the display of the assorted metal items, the horseshoes, mainly.... Poppies add a vibrant colour to any garden or field...