Saturday, 23 May 2015

PT CCCIV ~ Yellow

Beautiful banner by Pat and wonderful theme by Mitch.

The very first shot I took with my then newly bought Nikon D60.
 photo 99_MyFavouriteTune_Mine_zps83p0g0mb.jpg

One of my first macros. A brass peacock.
 photo 081_Pretty_Ugly_zps2ffgnuf3.jpg

A glass sphere which stood on a table in a church I visited.
 photo 203_School_Subjects_Mine_zps12uo5wwj.jpg


  1. Three bursts of yellow in those wonderful photos. I love the first - is that a rape seed field. We have many in Switzerland.

  2. Hi Anders! Good selection of three awesome shots for this week's theme...

  3. Hi Anders!! Nice selection of shots for this week's theme. Wonderful shot of the field of rape-seed plants. Lovely golden-yellow glow in the second shot. The third shot looks like a NASA photo of Saturn without it's rings!!! LOL.

  4. hi Anders love the shots the field is wonderful always love your globe

  5. All very nice photos, Anders. The yellow orb is so pretty!

  6. Fabulous, Anders, the bottom two shots are mystical. I love your first photo; you got off to a wonderful start with this lovely pastoral scene.

  7. three cool pics expressing the yellow in different and original way. ciao