Saturday, 23 May 2015


Congratulations, Pat! I like that bench and it would be nice to have a rest on it surrounded by many pretty flowers...

When I was a child, yellow was my favourite colour to the point that on my birthdays, the party table was always laid with a yellow tablecloth and a yellow flower arrangement. I don't know the reason but although nowadays I still like yellow colour, this has been defeated by red.... 

Essential on sunny days...

Imprisonment YELLOW

 Yellow striped front wall of a ceramics shop YELLOW


  1. The hat is a hit, really a good photo. Something completely different: an imprisoned apricot or peach. Your country is really a photographer's delight - I love that shop.

  2. Hi Belita!! Wonderful shots for this week's theme. Yes, a wide-brim hat is essential when the sun is strong!! Great second shot.....what is caught? Is it, as Pat said, some sort of fruit? or is it something plastic? What a wonderful little shop in your final shot. I would very much like to go inside!!

  3. wonderful shots Belita wonderful the hat wow I love hats and the last one is so colorful and wonderful

  4. Beautiful shots, Belita! That first one is so charming.

    The second is a clever juxtaposition of colors and textures. ( And a clever title) I love that one!!!

    I love the yellow walls and the pretty ceramics!

  5. Hi Belita, I very much am enjoying your takes on this theme. Wonderful yellow hat, simple and stylish. I love what looks like a plum trapped, as you say, in vines or wires. My favorite is the colorful shop, wonderfully taken, very enticing. Or maybe the hat is my favorite.

  6. bom dia belita, love your third pic it's gorgeous so full of life and it represents Portugal for me. adieu

  7. Beautiful hat

    Poor thing

    Delightfully colours